Only in india

Friday, November 28, 2008

This Photo has been taken from a engineering collage
based at a small town near jamshedpur,India on their
annual day.The senior students and all other staff of
the collage are waiting for a photo shot and the junior
students are throughout water from the top of the
building...............what a good shot!!!

It happens only india !

This photo is taken from Delhi….The capital of India.

Where the passengers are struggling to catch a running


This photo has been taken from a small village called Jaguda in

India at the time of a football tournament. There is a Big tree

in between the ground and 17 football teams were participated

in this tournament.

This photo has been taken from the national

Highway near Chennai…It looks like the

Truck owner want’s to recover the total

Amount invested in the Truck with in one Day!

This photo has been taken from a national highway

Near Haryana, India. There was a train compartment jointed

With the truck to increase its loading capacity…

No more space need to sleep, If you have time you
can sleep anywhere....!

Think Positive

Saturday, November 22, 2008
Are you always think positive ? Click on this image to
know its result!

Easy Way To achive your Targets

Driving Test

5 secounds Exam

Microsoft office Bus

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you want to work you can work. No one can stop it . this is the microsoft office bus at china.

Haircut Of The Year

This is the latest haircut of this Year . Have you ever seen a haircut like this ??

Amazing Bike !

Have you ever seen a bike like this ?

An Enginearing Master piece !

Tape Art

Can you do this ????

British Army

Have you ever seen a arm like this ????

Sand Artist

Can you Do this ?????

Space View

All these space photos are original and taken by NASA.

Unseen Photos

What arnold is ?????

Funny Advertisements

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Nappy ad........Video

The Ravan SAMPOOO............Video................!!!!!!!

The X-mas Video........Cocacola ad.

Original Seen ----------Videos

Monday, November 17, 2008
This blog contains various types of amezing and unseen pics and videos.Most of these pictures are real and collected from different persons.Also there are so many funny pics , animated clips and slide shows are available. I hope you will enjoy while browsing through this blog.

In this video you will able to see a original elefant attack, Click on the paly button to see this original video.

The Funny Broken door Video.