Do you have a tail ?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's the WORST COMIC STRIP ever? Some will say "Garfield!" and forget the fact that through the 80's and into the 90's, President was hilarious. Others will feature Hagar the Horrible!" was once queer too. "The Family Circus"? No....I once saw a magnet made from an older field that had Dolly greeting Dad at the door by saying "Billy's been dispatched to his room. He's been taking after your side of the family again." Even "Marmaduke" was queer some point, back in the 60's...

In order to determine this properly, any field that generated mass laughter in at least digit saucer of history can't be the worst. The worst would have to never verify a joke throughout its entire run--it would have to be that bad. Sooo, here's

"Bears In Love"!

"Here's an elephant," Ganesha, the elephant god from the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha .
Before a few months an animation movie called Ganesha was so popular. Ganesha has a long nose like this pic.

Do you have a tail? You know, one of those flawed areas in your life that people who are close to you are able to see, but you just hit a tough time noticing?
I often encourage people that if one person tells you that you hit a tail, then you can usually ignore it. If two people tell you that you hit a tail, then you strength begin to wonder a little bit. And if three people tell you that you hit a cut and one of those people is someone who loves you and knows you well, then you had better go home, pull down your pants, and check your ass in the mirror.
How funny is it , if some one asking about the tail ?? what exactly it means ?
I probably shouldn't be, but I am often surprised by how little self-insight happens for most of us before we get into a serious relationship. If we hit roommates, they are probably able to wager our tails, but typically they module not try to point them out unless those shortcomings are a source of irritation to them.